On the Hunt for Miami's Best Pizza

A group of food bloggers and their readers are on a quest

There was a time when food lovers had to depend on the local newspaper food critic to help them determine which restaurants to try and which ones to avoid.

But now that the food critics are probably waiting tables, food lovers have turned to blogs to get the scoop on local restaurants. Recently, a group of Miami food bloggers organized a series of pizza crawls to determine which restaurant sells the best pizza in Miami.

The idea was hatched after a flamewar on Chowhound between two Miami food bloggers over who has the best pizza in Miami.

Miami Danny claimed that Racks Bistro had the best pizza.

Food for Thought questioned how could a place that had been open less than a month could earn such a distinct honor so quickly.

Other foodies chimed in, giving their opinion, including those who had never even tried Racks’ pizza.

Finally, Food for Thought proposed a pizza crawl to determine once and for all who sells the best pizza in Miami. Food bloggers Miami Dish and Mango and Lime loved the idea and helped organize it.

The first outing took place late last month in Midtown at Andiamo (5600 Biscayne Blvd), Joey’s Italian Cafe (2506 NW 2nd Ave.), and Pizzavolante (3918 North Miami Ave.).

Pizzavolante earned the most votes for best pizza that day.

The second outing took place last Sunday in North Miami at Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza (17901 Biscayne Blvd), Pizza Fusion (14815 Biscayne Blvd) and Racks Bistro (3933 NE 163rd St.). Yes, the very one that sparked this whole debacle.

This time, we decided to join the outing, which consisted of almost 30 people, most who spend their non-eating time on the food forums at Chowhound. Be sure to check out the video and photos.

Of the three, the winner was clearly Racks Bistro. The crust had that perfect balance of crispiness and chewiness that so many pizzerias can’t seem to achieve. They say it has something to do with how they age the dough in wooden crates.

While Anthony’s has a lot of fans, its crust is much too soggy to be named Miami’s best pizza. And Pizza Fusion prides itself on its “organic pizza,” but organic still translates to bland.

But just because Racks Bistro won the last round doesn’t mean it is still the best in Miami. That has yet to be determined.

The foodies have more pizza crawls planned for Miami Beach and Coral Gables, so the quest continues. But at least Racks and Pizzavolante have made it to the playoffs.

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