Why Is Florida’s Healthcare System Ranked 48th in the Nation?

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Florida ranked 49 in terms of healthcare access and affordability, which covered dimensions such as number of uninsured adults and children, out-of-pocket medical spending and adults who went without care due to cost. Although the individual rankings were among the worst in the nation, Florida saw improvements in uninsured children, uninsured adults and adults who went without care due to cost.
Florida also ranked number 49 in the prevention and treatment category, with some improvements and some worsening trends noted. The number of children (ages 19-35 months) who didn’t receive recommended vaccines worsened, as did hospital 30-day mortality.
The avoidable hospital use and cost metric looked into hospital admission rates, nursing home stays and Medicare reimbursements per enrollee. Worsening trends were identified in home health patients with a hospital readmission and potentially avoidable emergency department visits in patients ages 65 and older, per 1,000 Medicare beneficiaries. Florida also ranked #49 in avoidable use and cost.
The healthy lives category looked into deaths from cancer, alcohol and drug use, suicide as well as infant mortality rates. Florida ranked 31 in this category.
Florida ranked number 49 with regard to health disparities. Disparities were measured based on income rates. To view the complete breakdown,click here
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