Wife's Black Eye is Another for BSO

Another BSO deputy is arrested

Seems like lately the Broward Sheriff's Office officials are spending as much time locking up their co-workers as they are bad guys.

The latest arrest came Tuesday after Deputy Brian Gillespie was accused of punching his wife in the face and then throwing her down the stairs of ther home. The couple's daughter witnessed the incident.

In recent weeks, BSO employees have been arrested for beating up inmates, preying on immigrants and being too frisky during traffic stops. But at least none of them have wound up being arrested on the agency's reality TV show because that would be really embarrassing.

The most recent allegations occured after Stephanie Gillespie had returned from having afew beers with a friend. She got in an argument with her husband and when she tried to leave, Deputy Gillespie tried to lay down the law.

Gillespie, 46, was released from jail Wednesday and faces felony domestic battery charges.

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