Wife's Successful Hitman Attempt on Hubby a Hoax

Dalia Dippolito was arrested for trying to take out her husband and it's all caught on video

There is acting and then there is the Academy Award-worthy performance put on by Dalia Dippolito on Wednesday morning after cops told her that her newly wed husband had been murdered.

A second after the words were uttered by Boynton Beach police, Dippolito broke down in tears and hysterical screams at the thought of her beloved husband leaving this earth. Her townhouse was surrounded by detectives and crime scene investigators.

It looked like a scene from "CSI Miami." And it was as fake as one, too, right down to the widow, Dippolito.

Turns out Dippolito had hired a hitman to kill her husband of only six months -- or so she thought he was a hitman. It turned out to be an undercover Boynton Beach cop.

The police played along with Dippolito, 26, all the way to the police station, where they finally revealed to her that she was on candid camera -- and under arrest. And the good guys even decided to post Dippolito's performance on Youtube.com for our enjoyment.

Her husband, 38-year-old Michael, was perfectly fine and aware of the fact that his wife of only six months was trying to whack him.

According to police, Dalia Dippolito told her would-be hitman that she was “5,000 percent” sure that she wanted her hubby dead.

“When I set my mind to something I get it done," the Palm Beach Post reported Dippolito said to the undercover officer.

She paid the hitman $1,200 in cash to buy the gun that would rub out her better half. She would deliver another $3,000 after the job was done and she “didn’t want to hear any excuses later about why it did not happen,” she told the undercover officer. Now that’s cold-blooded.

Dippolito had an alibi in place – a hair appointment -- and everything to give herself complete deniability. And she nailed the grieving and inconsolable new widow act like she had graduated from the world-famous Actor's Studio.

If only she would have scrutinized the hitman’s resume a little closer. 

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