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Wilson and Hastings Among Florida Democrats Boycotting Trump Inauguration

The number of congressional democrats boycotting the inauguration of Donald Trump continues to rise and two South Florida politicians now join the list.

More than 40 House Democrats announced their plans to skip Friday's inauguration in a protest against Trump's controversial stance on many issues and his attack on civil rights icon Rep. John Lewis.

Rep. Frederica Wilson and Rep. Alcee Hastings announced Tuesday their decision to not attend the swearing-in.

Wilson's office told NBC 6 that "after much deliberation" the congresswoman opted to miss Friday's festivities. Rep. Wilson gave no further comment.

Longtime Rep. Hastings released a statement explaining why he's joining the democratic protest against Trump. "This decision is not a protest of the results of the Electoral College, but rather, an objection to the demagoguery that continues to define the incoming administration," said Hastings.

The growing list of democrats boycotting Trump's inauguration grew after Georgia Rep. John Lewis made headlines for challenging the president-elect's legitimacy. In response, Trump blasted the civil rights icon which drew harsh criticism from democrats.

Hastings said he sides with Rep. Lewis and cannot support the incoming president. "I choose to stand with Rep. John Lewis, and every American that expects our President to serve with compassion and humility," Hastings said in a statement.

However, there are a few congressional democrats who plan on attending the inauguration, including South Florida Reps. Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Ted Deutch.

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