South Florida

Woman Accused of Drugging Dates Struggles to Pay for Attorney

A South Florida woman charged with drugging men to steal their expensive jewelry said she has no money to hire a new attorney.

Liliana Vanegas appeared in court Wednesday crying about her financial constraints.

She wrote a letter to the judge about her battles with her private defense attorney.

A hearing is scheduled for Friday to determine whether Vanegas can sort out the issues with her private lawyer or if she'll resort to a public defender.

The 24-year old is accused of meeting men at clubs, going back to their homes, drugging them and then taking their Rolex watches.

During one of her arrests, Miami police said they found a small bottle with a milky substance they believe was sleeping pills mixed with water.

Detectives revealed in the most recent incident on Feb. 21, the victim met Vanegas at a club and brought her back to his home. Once they were there, the victim said he felt drowsy and fell asleep and when he awoke, Vanegas was gone along with his $35,000 Rolex watch, his $13,000 Panerai watch, his $1,500 gold chain, his $800 sunglasses, his wallet, phone and credit cards.

Detectives say Fransisco Trujillo and another unknown woman are also part of the criminal investigation. The criminal trial is about two weeks away and prosecutors want to try all six cases together.

Vanegas is out on bond under house arrest.

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