Woman Allegedly Beats Husband for Forgetting Wedding Anniversary

What to Know

  • A woman was arrested after allegedly beating her husband because he forgot their wedding anniversary.
  • The suspect allegedly smacked the victim several times on his head and face and left scratches on his neck and chest.
  • The suspect was charged with misdemeanor domestic battery.

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned – and that proved true after a woman in central Florida beat her husband after he allegedly forgot their wedding anniversary.

According to Pasco County sheriffs, Carol Stone, 35, smacked the victim several times on his head and face area, leaving red marks on his face, along with minor scratches to his neck and chest.

The victim provided video of the incident to police, which he recorded on his cell phone. Police said it shows Stone beating the victim.

When sheriff’s deputies interviewed Stone, she admitted to beating him because he forgot their anniversary, deputies said.

Stone told police she pushed her husband to the ground, at which time she “flipped her s–––” on the victim, deputies said.

Police noticed that Stone had bruises on her arms and buttocks, which she claimed to have gotten during another incident a few days prior to this incident.

Stone was arrested Wednesday and charged with misdemeanor domestic battery. 

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