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Woman Allegedly Poses as Nurse to Steal Necklace From 79-Year-Old Miami Beach Resident

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Police are investigating after a woman posing as a nurse allegedly stole a gold chain from a 79-year-old Miami Beach resident, according to a police report.

Helen Mergupis said she was walking her three dogs outside of her apartment building when she was approached by the suspect in the 1500 block of Bay Road. The two struck up a conversation and Mergupis started telling the woman about several aches and pains on her body.

The woman allegedly told Mergupis she was a nurse and could provide her with medication. Mergupis agreed to accept the medication and the pair walked back to Mergupis' apartment.

Once inside the apartment, the woman began feeling Mergupis' head and neck and asked if she had any pains in those areas, the police report said. Shortly afterward, the woman left the apartment.

It was then that Mergupis realized her necklace was missing. Mergupis said she doesn't recall exactly when the alleged theft took place.

Mergupis said she is reviewing security footage to see if the suspect can be identified.

No other information was immediately available.

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