Woman Arrested for Beating Ex-Boyfriend With Deer Antlers: Cops

Chelsea Harrison faces a charge of domestic battery

A woman was arrested for beating her ex-boyfriend with antlers of a stuffed deer head after he forced open the front door of their house when she locked him out during a fight, authorities said.

Chelsea Harrison, 23, of Zephyrhills, was released from jail on her own recognizance on Wednesday after he arrest a day before on a of charge of domestic battery.

Her ex-boyfriend Terry Nowakowski told authorities the couple was currently separated, but they live together, and he had come to back to their house to watch their 3-year-old daughter while she was out, the Pasco County Sheriff's Office incident report said.

Just before she went to work, Nowakowski decided he wanted to get some items from the Jeep they shared. While getting the items, he started talking to his new girlfriend on the phone, which he thinks angered Harrison, the report said. She locked him out of the house and he tried to get in via an open  window. She punched him in face and shut the window, the report said.

Since it was his house, he decided to force the front door open and once he was inside she attacked him with the the deer head which is usually mounted on the wall, the incident report said.

She "began striking him in the face and body with the ends of the antlers until she lost her grip dropping it on the floor," the report said.

He left the house and call authorities. Nowakowski said a grandmother came to get their daughter as Harrison "did not want to get arrested in front of her," the report said.

Meanwhile, Harrison said it was Nowakowski who became upset and he went through her cell phone to find out who she may have been speaking with. She said he left the house and said he was going to slash the Jeep's tires and take money from inside the vehicle, the report said. She said she ran towards the car, and he tried to grab her and that's when she ran into the house and locked the door, the report said.

She also said he tried to choke her and she fought him off. But a deputy stated on the report that her neck and throat had no signs of injuries.

The deer head was found on the floor beside a chair.

It wasn't immediately known if she had an attorney.

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