Woman Arrested for Drugging, Stealing From Man: Coral Gables Police

A woman wanted for allegedly drugging and stealing from a man in his Coral Gables home has been arrested, police said Tuesday.

Qumisha Ashantie Williams, 21, was arrested Monday on charges including grand theft, poisoning food or water and burglary, Coral Gables Police said. She was being held without bond Tuesday and it was unknown if she's hired an attorney.

According to police, Williams met the victim at Morton's restaurant at 2333 Ponce De Leon Boulevard. After a few drinks they went back to his home, where they continued drinking.

When the man awoke the next day he discovered his Rolex, cash and a firearm were stolen. The victim believed he was drugged and later tested positive for a Xanax derivative, Benzodiazepine, even though he doesn't take any medications, police said.

"He remembers taking her home, had another drink and then he wakes up the next morning and his property had been stolen," said Kelly Dunham, with Coral Gables Police.

Police said Williams was arrested on similar charges in Miami Beach in December, after she met a tourist from London at a club and went back to his hotel room. When the tourist got into a bathtub, Williams opened the room's safe and stole the man's Rolex, gold bracelet and cash, police said.

The tourist ran after her but she attacked him and was able to flee, police said. She was later arrested.

Dunham said a detective from Miami Beach recognized Walker in surveillance pictures from the Coral Gables case.

Detectives are trying to determine if Walker is connected to a similar case from the same night, also in Coral Gables. They also said there could be more victims.

"This is an embarrassing thing to have happen, but we need to try to stop her and it takes these victims to be forthcoming and say 'look, I need to prosecute her," Dunham said.

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