Woman Attacks Burger King Employees Over Bad Order

Customer gets upset because she didn't get her order her way

An angry customer started a fast food, food fight with Burger King employees after she didn't get her order her way.

Tara Lyons, 38, was arrested and charged with assault and battery and burglary after she climbed over the counter at an Oakland Park Burger King and started throwing breakfast sandwiches and condiments at employees.

On March 2, Lyons was allegedly upset over a breakfast sandwich she spent $1.06 for in the drive thru, Broward Sheriff's Office detectives said Monday.

Lyons told police she thought someone had spit in her sandwich.

Video of the incident shows the "large sized" woman trying to climb over the counter to get at store manager Janet Davis, who pushed the woman onto the floor.

That's when the food started flying from Lyons.

It's unclear why Lyons thought someone spit in her food, but the woman suffered a laceration over her face after being pushed off the counter.

The BK employees scrambled to the back of the store, thinking the worst was over.

Lyons left only to come back into the store, climb over the counter and grab a cup of scalding water.

She then chased several cooks out the back of the store.

When BSO arrived, the store had all but cleared out, several employees had locked themselves in rooms, and the cooks had taken refuge on a county bus. 

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