Woman Beats Boyfriend Who Refused to Have Sex With Her: Police

Coral Springs woman arrested after beating boyfriend who refused sex, police say

A Coral Springs woman is facing battery charges after authorities say she punched her boyfriend in the face after he wouldn't sleep with her.

Inez Nunez, 18, was arrested Tuesday afternoon at a home in the 5700 block of West 47th Court, according to a Coral Spring Police report.

According to the report, officers were called to the home for a domestic disturbance between Nunez and her boyfriend, who she's lived with since Oct. 2011.

The boyfriend told officers the two had been a verbal dispute and that Nunez hit him in the face after he said she was "ugly" and that's why he wouldn't have sex with her, the report said.

Nunez admitted to police she'd slapped her boyfriend in the face and pushed him "because he was disrespectful," the report said.

She also told police that her boyfriend had choked her and punched her in the chest, but her story was inconsistent and changed several times, the report said.

Nunez was arrested and booked into Broward jail and later released on $2,500 bond. It was unknown whether she has an attorney.

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