Woman Calls NBC 6 Responds After Dating Troubles

At 67 years old, Wis Labrousse isn’t slowing down.

"I like my life," she says. "I’d like to have a companion to do things with."

That’s why the Miami-Dade County woman says an ad for “It’s Just Lunch” caught her eye. Labrousse tried the dating service a few years ago and says an IJL matchmaker had set her up on some interesting dates. That’s why she decided to try them again.

"I think that there is somebody for everybody and I’m not the worst thing out there, really,” she says.

Labrousse paid $2,000 and signed a contract with IJL in August, in which the company promised at least four date introductions. Her one request – to limit prospective dates to Miami-Dade County.

"I know that I don’t like driving," she says. "I don’t want some hip, young person that is not in my age bracket."

Instead of dates, though, Labrousse says she only received emails saying her matchmaker was still searching.

"So far they have not even proposed one person and it has been over 6 months in the contract," she says.

When her request for a refund was declined, she contacted NBC 6 responds for help.

"It’s hard-earned money,” she says. "I paid $2,000 for a service that I did not get and I want my money back."

It turns out, the contract Labrousse signed did not have a deadline – even though she thought IJL had 6 months to deliver dates. When we reached out, the company responded in an email saying, “We have reached an amicable resolution, however, due to client confidentiality I am unable to disclose the nature of the resolution."

Labrousse says after NBC 6 Responds got involved, IJL told her she would be getting her money back.

"Thank you," she says. "I cannot thank you guys enough for advocating on my behalf because I don’t think I would get it without your help."

Labrousse plans to use the cash to find and fund her next adventure. She’s decided to put her quest for love on hold for now.

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