Woman Caught on Camera Stealing Mail in West Miami

Police are searching for a woman who was caught on surveillance video stealing the contents of a mailbox from a home in West Miami.

It happened July 17 near SW 14th Street and 62nd Avenue, according to West Miami police.

In the video, the woman is seen driving up to the house in a black BMW. She gets out of the car and approaches the mailbox but is startled by a passing vehicle and gets back into the car. A short time later, she goes back and grabs everything from the mailbox.

Police said one of the items stolen was a credit card, which the suspect used and charged up to $7,000 in purchases on it.

"It doesn't appear to me from my experience that this is the first time she's done something like this and undoubtedly probably won't be the last," said Police Chief Nelson Andreu.

Investigators say there was a second person in the car. Anyone who recognizes the woman should call Crime Stoppers at 305-471-TIPS.

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