Woman Caught on Camera Stealing Package Containing Child's Medication

A woman was caught on surveillance video walking up to a South Florida home and swiping a package in broad daylight. Inside that package was medication for a sick child.

"It was medication for my son. Medication he takes every day. It's not cheap," Matthew McClure said.

The incident happened Tuesday in the 2300 block of Southwest 22nd Terrace in Miami. McClure learned the hard way of how untrustworthy and low some people in this world can stoop to.

In a camera inside his doorbell, you can see a woman walking right up to the front door, just moments after the UPS truck leaves. She then took the package containing the medicine and fled in a silver, four-door Honda with dents on the driver's side. It also has a black hood.

"To take medicine from a kid, you know, it doesn't get any lower than that in my opinion," McClure said.

McClure said his son will be okay, but he has something to say to the thief and her comrades waiting in the car: "I hope you're happy. You took medicine from a kid. Wow, you're great."

Anyone who lives on McClure's block, who was expecting a package, is encouraged to check the status of their order.

If you recognize the woman in the video, contact Crime Stoppers at (305) 471-TIPS.

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