Woman Charged With Stealing Golf Cart From Miami Jail

A woman charged with stealing a golf cart from a Miami jail was held on $5,000 bond on Thursday.

A woman charged with stealing a golf cart from a Miami jail was held on $5,000 bond on Thursday.

Amanda Evans, 18, was charged with theft and was arrested on Tuesday.

She had been at the Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center picking up property, and upon leaving she took a golf cart and struck a barricade, the arrest affidavit said. She then hit an unoccupied, parked vehicle, the arrest affidavit said. Corrections officers were able to eventually detain her.

Evans' mother, Brenda Evans, said in a telephone interview that her daughter has schizophrenia and is bipolar, and has not taken her medication for about a month.

"She should have been Baker Acted," Brenda Evans said. "She needs her medication. If she has her medication, she will be OK."

Brenda Evans said her daughter had been previously arrested on Saturday for disorderly conduct.

Amanda Evans made her appearance through video conferencing Thursday before Miami-Dade Circuit Judge Ellen Sue Venzer.

Evans, wearing an anti-suicide smock, refused to answer several questions from Venzer and her court-appointed attorney about whether she'd like to go to a hospital rather than a jail.

Evans then smiled and leaned forward and asked Venzer, "Why are you turning your eyes so much?"

Venzer explained that she can see Evans better on the screen next to her and Evans laughed.

"Can you afford an attorney?" Venzer asked.

"I don't need an attorney," Evans said, laughing again.

After Venzer read the charges of the theft of the golf cart, Evans became more talkative.

"Oh yeah, I always wanted to do that, I always wanted to get a golf cart and smash it into something, so when I saw like some things, I was like, f--k yeah, let's do this," Evans said. "I always wanted to do that s--t."

Venzer grimaced and shook her head. "I love my job," she said.

Evans' attorney explained that she has no felony arrests. Venzer suggested Evans needed a psychological examination.

"I think she's got issues that need to be addressed," she said, before offering Evans the options of jail or a hospital.

"I don't believe in either one of them, I don't like the hospitals and I don't like the jails," Evans replied.

Venzer gave her a third option of posting bond and facing trial.

"Post a bond then, I guess, and face trial. Why can't I just face trial now?" Evans asked.

Venzer explained that it was a bond hearing and set her bond at $5,000. She also had some advice for Evans.

"I suggest that you stay away from the golf carts, OK?" Venzer said.

"Yeah, I never liked them, like," Evans said.

In an in-person interview with NBC 6 later on Thursday, Brenda Evans insisted that her daughter should not be behind bars, but should be treated for schizophrenia and bipolar disorder.

“I'm very hurt and disappointed in the system that they let something happen like that," she said through tears.

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