Woman Claims 2 Men Posing as City Workers Stole Diamond Wedding Ring

Police are looking for two men who they say posed as City of Miami workers to scam their way into an elderly woman's home, then took off with her most prized possession, a diamond wedding ring.

"I feel like I've been raped. You know what I mean?" said Marta Bequer. The 84 yr-old widow said she also feels humiliated and angry. But says the were slick in how they talked her into opening the front door.

Police say the men were captured on surveillance video Saturday inside Bequer's Miami home.

She tells police that around 3:00 p.m., the two men claiming to be city employees showed up at her front door, saying they wanted to check her water for acid contamination.

They told her since she only had cold water outside, that they needed to go inside to check the hot water, claiming that three people had already been sent to the hospital because of the problem.

Bequer, who's had two heart surgeries and takes a blood thinner was horrified, so she let them in.

Wearing her 2.5-carat wedding ring, the men continued to instill fear in her. They asked her to immediately take off her rings and toss them into a Styrofoam cup next to the kitchen sink, "Because they're going to burn with the contact with the acid, so they said 'definitely it's acid. You're going to bleed to death.'"

She said they urged her to hurry up, run and wash her hands in the bathroom. And, while Bequer washed her hands, the men took off and took the rings with them.

"The lesson. I don't think I'm going to open the door for anybody from now on," Bequer said.

Bequer said she's had the wedding rings for more than 50 years.

If you've seen the men in the video, you are asked to call Crime Stoppers at 305-471-TIPS.

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