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Woman Claims Video Shows Fort Lauderdale Cops Barging Into Home

A Lauderhill woman says Fort Lauderdale Police officers barged into her house illegally and searched her home before arresting her son in an incident that was caught on camera.

The intense clash between officers and the family happened at a home near Broward Boulevard and U.S. 441 around 3:30 a.m. Tuesday. Homeowner Ratonya Dumas used her cell phone video to film the confrontation.

"Something is not right with this case because clearly this officer popped up here, shined his lights on, and just went on berserk," Dumas told NBC 6 Wednesday.

Dumas said officers said they were looking for a person of interest, a driver who had just returned to the home. An officer is heard repeatedly telling Dumas and others to tell the driver to come outside.

"Tell him I am going to place him under arrest for fraud, actually, I got a warrant for his arrest, I got probable cause for his arrest, for fraud," an officer says.

At one point, the officers apparently lost their patience and entered the home, where about a half a dozen people, including a newborn, were inside. Dumas said they didn't have a warrant.

Demetria Thomas, who was inside the home, said officers pointed guns at several people.

"They had their guns out like this, 'Get back, get back,'" Thomas said.

Police arrested DeSean McIntosh for a probation violation and having somebody else's driver's license. Daryl Cunningham was charged with resisting arrest and missing a court date.

Thomas said the confrontation was ugly.

"He told my mom to shut the f-- up, he told her that two times. He said he doesn't have to talk to her," she said. "It's our right to know because they're our servants for this community, it is our right to know who you are, your name, there was an officer that had no name, no badge, no ID, no information attached to his uniform and they were very disrespectful."

Internal affairs investigators with the Fort Lauderdale Police Department are looking into the video, officials said Wednesday.

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