Woman Dies Days After Butt Lift, Police Investigating Death

A death investigation is underway after a young woman died. She had to be rushed to the hospital less than 12 hours after having a popular plastic surgery procedure and died days later.

Family tells us Adianet Gonzales, 30, was rushed to Kendall Regional Hospital after getting a butt lift. They took pictures of her with tubes inside her body. They say she could barely move, open her eyes, or breathe on her own.

Adianet’s mother, Arelis Gonzales, is demanding answers after the procedure.  Adianet was taken to a friends house from the clinic and Arelis says she remained asleep for 8 hours before they finally called 911.

In Spanish, Arelis said her daughter’s boyfriend tried to wake her up.  He called the clinic which first allegedly said everybody reacts differently to anesthesia.  In another call , she says the clinic allegedly told her to put water on her lips, touch her face, or whatever they can to wake up. But none of that worked.

Arelis says her daughter came to America to change her body and wanted to be prettier but now is heartbroken about her death.

The medical examiner is performing an autoposy to determine the exact cause of death. If the investigation into her death finds the surgery led to her death, she would be the 13th woman to die after a plastic surgery procedure since 2010, all different clinics with different doctors. 

NBC 6 reached out to the center where the family said the surgery happened but haven’t heard back. 

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