Stranger Donates to Couple Living in Fear in Violence Plagued Neighborhood

A Miami couple who was scared to sleep at night because of all the shootings in the neighborhood now has a way out. An NBC 6 viewer saw our story and decided she had to help. She donated money so the couple can get a new place.

Alberta Brown and her sick husband live in an apartment in Overtown and had been trying to move out. Brown says the woman’s generosity is the boost she needed.

"I'm off of first base now. You know so this is going to help a whole lot," said Brown.

Last week, NBC 6 interviewed the couple. They allowed our cameras inside their home where there were bullets holes from a recent shooting. The shots were fired as the couple slept one night. Brown said the bullet pierced through the window, shredded a family picture and flew right over her body as she was lying in bed.

"My fear of sleeping in here still remains. I didn't even want to fix the bed, because I don't want to be in here too long. Now I sleep in the living room sofa, still fear windows", said Brown.

The couple faced the daunting dilemma of moving out of the violence-prone neighborhood because the cost is too high. But an NBC 6 viewer, who asked to remain anonymous, saw the story and insisted on helping. The viewer and Brown met briefly over the weekend and Brown walked away with a note and an envelope with enough money to move.

The note, in part, said:

"It was meant to be that I saw your story. I felt a need to connect. I truly felt your words when you turned to the camera and said 'please don't say it’s not your problem, it is everybody's problem. You are right. When I got into bed that night I knew I didn't have to worry about gunshots. And, neither should you."

Brown said she has the generous woman’s number saved on her cell phone as “God’s angel.” She said she believes this woman truly is an angel.

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