Woman Faces Judge After Allegedly Robbing Off-Duty Cop

A woman facing a judge Thursday is accused of targeting two tourists in an armed robbery. One of them was an off-duty police officer.

Ashley Brooks is facing a possible life sentence if convicted of two counts of armed robbery and one count of conspiracy to commit armed robbery.

“She’s allegedly the lookout for somebody else that had a gun that pointed it at the alleged victims,” said a public defender.

One of the victims was a Georgia police officer on vacation with a friend. The officer was able to give a very detailed description of Brooks and the three co-defendants allegedly targeting tourists on Ocean Drive.

“The state’s request is that your honor set the same bond that the judge who signed the warrant set, which is no bond,” said Nissa Eth, a prosecutor.

The public defender wanted Brooks to get house arrest instead of no bond. Brooks also lives in Tennessee, has family in Miami and was stopped by cops before in other states.

“She was stopped in Virginia and she gave a stolen driver’s license from Miami,” said Eth.

For now, Brooks has no bond and will remain in jail until her next court date. Meanwhile, detectives continue to investigate and are looking for other suspects and possibly other victims.

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