Woman Facing Murder Charge Admitted to Brutal Beating on Facebook: Police

A Sunrise woman is facing a murder charge after police say she brutally beat her roommate to death then admitted to beating him in videos posted to Facebook.

Rosemarie Farid, 40, was arrested Saturday in the death of 64-year-old Donald Galvagni, whose body was found in a bathtub in his home in the 8300 block of Northwest 25th Court on July 2, according to a Sunrise Police arrest report.

Officers discovered the body after a friend who hadn't seen Galvagni in days called police. Inside the home, officers found a pool of blood in the living room, bloody washcloths in the kitchen sink and droplets leading through a hallway and into a bedroom and the bathroom, where the body was found.

"I just can't believe it," said Galvagni’s long time fiend Florence Patterson. "He was really, really nice," she said.

Farid, who was hospitalized on July 3 for mental evaluation for an unrelated incident, admitted to beating Galvagni after the two argued over loud music and a dog, the report said.

According to the report, Farid said Galvagni shoved her in the chest and she shoved him back during the June 30 argument.

"Rosemarie advised that at that point she believed that she had the desire and ability to kill him. Further, Rosemarie advised that she had previously fantasized about killing Donald," the report said.

Galvagni hit his head on the tile and cement entryway to the bathroom. They continued to struggle but Farid overpowered him and pinned him face-down on the floor, then grabbed his hair and struck his head and face against the floor, the report said.

“I bashed his head on the floor a couple of times and got the floor all bloody because I wanted to let him know he doesn’t have the right to torture and kill animals,” Rosemarie said.

She told him, "this is for the first dog you killed," the report said. Farid took Galvagni's wallet and cell phone and left the home.

She later posted videos on Facebook in which she admitted to bashing his head and said she took the phone so "no cops" could be called, the report said.

In the video, Farid described the moments after the beating. "He started cleaning the blood off the floor, that's what a clean freak he is," said Farid.

Several messages reportedly about Galvagni were posted to Farid's Facebook page on June 30, the same date as the alleged murder.

"Donnys hatred and constant screaming has me too depressed to go to Church& gym today.I wonder if GOD will do what HE promised or did I just waste my entire life and all my money on GOD?" reads one post.

"Im going to stay at Donny s til the dogs owner comes to get her in 3 months.I hate Donny so much, that hes not even worth taking advantage of. he deserves to die as a loney loser," reads another.

"Im so pissed off about having to live with Donny loser that It will be hard to not kick Donnys ass today. Im in a violent mood and Donny has one coming from me, big time!" reads another. "Ofcourse I dont hit first, I let him go, then i'll finish it up."

"Im having violent fantasies about taking revenge on Donny," another post reads.

Galvagni's head injury caused the loss of a substantial amount of blood which led to cardiac arrest, the report said. Farid admitted she had no fear of Galvagni and said he was frail and could not hurt her, the report said.

Farid was being held without bond Monday. It's unknown whether she has an attorney.

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