Woman Arrested for Running Over Diners Outside Hollywood Restaurant Appears in Court

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A woman appeared in court Wednesday, hours after being arrested for a crash into people dining outside a Hollywood restaurant that occurred in November.

Police say Shana Soto was driving twice the legal limit when she crashed, seriously injuring a woman who had to have both legs amputated.

Soto’s defense attorney argued this was a horrible tragedy and said that since the crash Soto went to rehab and is planning to go back. Meanwhile, the prosecutor said she has a hefty record of traffic violations. 

45-year-old Shana Soto faces more than a dozen charges, including driving under the influence, causing serious injuries and reckless driving.

The incident happened in early November near Harrison Street in Hollywood.

A woman injured in the crash told NBC 6 that when it happened, her friend visiting from Peru had to have both her legs amputated because of the crash.

“My friend was underneath the car,” Rosemary Villaran, who was injured in the crash said. “Everybody was yelling, yelling. I was trying to stand up to tell her, but I can’t.”

Records show Soto has had several traffic violations over the last ten years.

When the crash happened in November, the restaurant’s owner told NBC 6 what he saw Soto do.

“I saw the driver get out of the car, and first she just started putting her hands over her mouth, putting her hands on her head, and screaming,” Jason Hadley, owner of The Bang Shack said. “Friends and family of the people that were on the ground were yelling she’s drunk, she’s drunk.” 

At the time, Soto said she hadn’t been drinking but police say three hours after the crash, she tested nearly double the legal limit to drive.

Soto was ordered not to drive, not to leave Broward county and will be on an ankle monitor. She’ll also get tested for alcohol and drugs. If convicted, Soto could face up to 24 years in prison. 

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