Woman Fatally Stabbed in Domestic Dispute With Estranged Husband: Cops

The 30-year-old woman wasn't immediately identified. The man was hospitalized.

Screams woke a Hialeah neighborhood up Monday morning as a 30-year old mother was stabbed to death in front of her two little girls.

Neighbor Dainerys Rodriguez says "the little girls were screaming and all of a sudden there was like a silence."

The victim had been estranged from her husband for some time. Dainerys Rodriguez says the husband had a restraining order "because he already had hit her once."

Police confirm they've been called out before to the apartment on West 29th street and 9th Avenue. A Hialeah Police spokesperson says this call ended tragically.

"Sadly all of this happened in front of two small children," Rodriguez says. Those children are now are in the custody of the Department of Children and Families. Dainerys Rodriguez wonders "how are they going to tell her that her dad killed her mom," referring to the oldest daughter who is 6 years old.

The tragedy is the fifth domestic disturbance that has turned violent in South Florida this last week. A father allegedly shot his son in Westchester, a stepson killed his stepdad in Miami-Dade and two separate couples were involved in disputes that ended with murder suicides in Fort Lauderdale. One case happened in the middle of the street as a woman pleaded for her life.

Fort Lauderdale resident Dean Robinson says he heard the woman scream "leave me alone and then bam, bam, bam."

NSU Psychology Professor Aimee Zadak says this time of year brings lots of stress and people tend to take it out on their family. "They're your easy target , the ones you feel comfortable with," she says. Dr.Zadak says the old phrase is true. " You hurt the ones you love and once it's done it's done and there's a lot of regret," she says.

In the Hialeah case, police say the estranged husband was also injured during the dispute but don't say how. He was taken to Jackson Memorial Hospital and will likely face charges.

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