Woman Has to Stomach ID Theft

A South Florida woman steals the ID of another woman to pay for a tummy tuck

One woman's identity is another woman's ticket to a tummy tuck.

Patrice Thomas, 33,  was short on cash for the $5,000 operation and solved the problem by applying for a credit card using another woman's personal information, authorities said.

She was arrested with four other people's credit card information, but it was her pursuit of vanity that allowed authorities to track her down. Nothing like a little cosmetic surgery to prepare you for hard times at the big house.

Similar ID thefts for cosmetic surgeries have occured in central and west Florida.

Thomas obtained the information of the woman, named C.F. in court records, in August and had the surgery performed at Weston Cosmetic Surgery Center in November.

No word on whether the surgery was a success, but we'll let Thomas' fellow inmates be the judge of that.

Thomas is being held in a Miami prison facing credit card fraud and identity theft charges and could spend four years in prison if convicted.

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