Couple Kidnapped, Sexually Battered Woman Then Walked Naked Through Miami Stores: Police

A couple initially arrested for walking naked through Miami stores is now facing more serious charges after police say the woman and man kidnapped another woman from a Hialeah parking lot and sexually battered her at a motel.

Rashada Hurley, 32, and Timonthy Lowe, 37, were arrested Wednesday on sexual battery, kidnapping, robbery and grand theft charges, less than two days after they were arrested for indecent exposure, petty theft and cocaine possession charges, according to arrest reports.

The bizarre series of events began Sunday, when police said Hurley and Lowe kidnapped a 27-year-old woman from the parking lot of the Publix at 155 E. 2nd Avenue in Hialeah.

The victim said she was leaving the grocery store when Hurley approached her car and punched her in the head through an open car window, the reports said. Lowe drove the victim's car to a Motel 6 on Northwest 36th Street in Miami, where Hurley booked a room using the victim's credit card, the reports said.

While they were in the room, Hurley and Lowe sexually battered the woman, but she was able to escape when the pair became distracted, the reports said.

Hours after the motel incident, Hurley and Lowe allegedly walked into a 7-Eleven on Biscayne Boulevard in Miami completely nude and took two sodas without paying. Minutes later and just blocks away, the two also were spotted walking nude through a Walgreens, according to the arrest reports.

Lowe and Hurley were arrested and charged with indecent exposure and petit theft, but were released once they paid a fine. The pair was later arrested for the far more serious crimes.

Hurley, who is from Georgia, appeared in court Wednesday where she was ordered held without bond. During the court appearance, someone was heard reminding the judge that Hurley said she was on her honeymoon when she was first arrested Monday.

Lowe was booked into jail for the more serious charges Wednesday evening. He was expected to appear in bond court Thursday.

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