Woman Meets Man With Boat, Ends Up Stranded on Island Near Miami

A woman had to be rescued from a small island near Miami Tuesday morning after a man she had just met gave her a boat ride but left her stranded.

Miami-Dade Police said 36-year-old Yuli Walch-Cerpa was left on the island near the 79th Street Causeway after the man became upset and she decided not to get back on board.

Walch-Cerpa said the man took off, leaving her on the island about 400 feet from the mainland, police said. She tried to swim to shore but when she got tired, she flagged down a boater, who called 911, police said.

Miami-Dade Police's Marine Patrol unit responded around 8:30 a.m., along with City of Miami Fire Rescue. Footage showed Walch-Cerpa being helped onto a fire boat and taken from the scene.

She was medically cleared and sent home, officials said.

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