Woman Rams Her Boyfriend's Car to Stop DUI

Fearing the worst, a Palm Beach woman did what she had thought she needed to save her man - and now she's in jail

Drastic times call for drastic measures, but sometimes you have to use your head.

Lorena Alvarez decided to use her car.
Fearing her boyfriend was going to drive drunk, Alvarez, 33, rammed her man’s parked truck with her car. Quick thinking, but it gets worse.
The valiant effort turned into a disturbing maneuver after cops found out Alvarez had her one-year-old and 7-seven year old children in the car with her.
Alvarez has been charged with aggravated battery and two counts of child abuse for the April 13 episode.
She's being held in a Palm Beach County jail probably thinking it would have been a better idea to be a designated driver.
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