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Woman Recounts Violent Attack in Her Luxury Brickell Apartment

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It took more than a year for a woman to muster up the courage and share her story.

Now, she's recounting the frightening moments of a violent attack inside her own home. The woman is also demanding accountability for what happened.

“This is self defense because she tried to stab my face and this here and here, but it’s hidden by hair,” Ursula Salvador said.

She showed NBC 6 cameras her scars and a picture of her bloodied, on the ground after being attacked in her condo at the Icon in June 2020.

Salvador said, “She was drunk she told me before you kill me 'I'm going to kill you.' She started punching me. I never hit anyone, so I started pulling her hair.”

Salvador she was lying on her couch when suddenly— a woman entered— lucid and frantic.  Scared and thinking the stranger was in the wrong apartment, Salvador says she tried walking her out the door, when the woman locked it and attacked.

“She was out of it out of it. 'I'm going to kill you.' She grabbed a flower vase and threw it to my face and with the crystals, she as trying to stab me all over and I started bleeding and bleeding and thought I was going to die,” Salvador said.

That night police arrested Alexandria Conception-Garcia. The 24 year old pleaded guilty last month and was sentenced to three years probation. 

But Salvador says she’ll have to live with the pain, physical and emotional, for the rest of her life.

“Its been very traumatizing for me and I have back pain and one year dealing with physical pain," said Salvador, who is also suing the Icon. 

She blames the property for lack of security and allegedly ignoring her complaints about the lock on her door that sometimes didn't work.

“I know it can happen anywhere," Salvador said. "I live in a building that's supposed to be secure and trusted. You want some security and responsibility and its not acceptable.”

NBC 6 reached out to the Icon and the attacker's attorney and have not yet heard back

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