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Woman Says She and Pet Attacked by Dog During Morning Walk in Wilton Manors

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A woman who was walking her dog in Wilton Manors was hospitalized after being attacked by another dog Sunday morning.

Maria Cepeda was on a walk with her pet, Woofus, when she says they were attacked by a pit bull around 8:30 a.m. in the area of Northwest 10th Avenue and 30th Court.

Cepeda said she knew of the dog and had noticed that the gate at the home where it lives was open when she first passed by.

"As soon as we come back, I saw the dog coming very very fast and running," she said.

Cepeda said she picked up her smaller dog and tried to protect it, but the bigger dog bit her hand and left Woofus with neck and leg injuries.

She said the other dog's owner tried to help, and a woman who was driving by also helped to get the dog away.

Maria Cepeda describes being attacked by a dog in Wilton Manors.

"I went to the hospital and my husband took the dog to the animal hospital," she said.

Cepeda said she received stitches, and wants something to be done so the dog can't get out on its own again.

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