Woman Shot in Miami During Robbery: Officials

The shooting occurred at 5300 NW 7th Ave.

A woman was shot in the neck during a robbery in Miami, Fire Rescue said Thursday.

The victim's sister identified her as Evelin Matamoros, 36. She was transported to Jackson Memorial Hospital's Ryder Trauma Unit, where she is in critical condition.

At about 5:30 p.m. Thursday, Miami Police said, Matamoros stopped inside Café Ruyi at 5300 NW 7th Ave. to pick up food.

While she went in, Matamoros' mother said, she and her two grandchildren waited inside a white Hyundai SUV, and locked the doors.

After Matamoros left the restaurant, her mother said, she watched as her daughter was stopped by a young black man who demanded that she give him her purse.

She complied and gave it over, but he then shot her, police said.

A witness heard the shot and ran over.

"It was blood coming from her mouth," said the witness, who only gave her first name, Tanya. "A lot of blood was gushing from her mouth."

Police said they believe the suspect may have escaped in a silver or gray Dodge Charger. In addition, the victim's mother and other witnesses recalled that the gunman was wearing a black T-shirt.

Police called the crime a reminder for all to be vigilant on the city's streets.

"Time and time again we tell people that it's the unknown," said Miami Police spokeswoman Officer Kenia Reyes. "We don't know when these criminals have guns in their hands. We don't know what they're going to do. "

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