Woman Stabs SW Florida Man in Attempt to Take His Wife: Police

27-year-old Alana Gibson drove from Maine to Venice because she wanted to be with the woman, who was a former co-worker

A machete
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Police say a woman drove from Maine to Southwest Florida and stabbed a man inside of his tome in an effort to run away with the victim’s wife.

NBC affiliate WBBH-TV reports the incident took place this past weekend in Venice, where 27-year-old Alana Gibson drove because she wanted to be with the woman who was a former co-worker.

A police report says Gibson broke through a window at the home and used a machete to stab the man multiple times, telling investigators she chose not to use a bow and arrow she brought because she didn’t want to hit the victim’s wife by accident.

Gibson was able to get away from one of the victim’s roommates and led police on a chase into Charlotte County, where she was detained and confessed to the crime.

The male victim, who was not identified, was taken to a hospital in Sarasota and survived his injuries.

No word on what charges Gibson, who is transgender, will face at this time.

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