Laura Rodriguez

Woman Strikes Pedestrian, Drives Into Hialeah Gardens Canal: Police

Police were on the scene of a hit-and-run involving a pedestrian Monday evening. The accused driver's vehicle ended up in a Hialeah Gardens canal after the incident.

Witnesses said the manager of a towing company was struck by a woman on the corner of 92nd Avenue and Northwest 119th Street.

"After she struck him, he jumped in the tow truck and followed her. She turned the corner and turned off her lights, continued driving, and drove into the canal," said William Delgado, victim's brother.

"There was a guy that actually jumped in the water. They say he came running from the gas station and jumped in the water," said Osvaldo Pena, witness.

Luis Olivo was the Good Samaritan who jumped in to rescue the woman. His arm was covered in bandages from breaking the glass window. He said the woman was screaming, so he jumped in the water. The woman told him she didn't know how to swim.

In an interesting twist, the victim's towing company recovered the SUV from the canal. Wearing a sling, he assisted his co-workers. 

The female driver who allegedly struck the man and then ended up in the canal survived. Her husband said she feels bad, and he's not sure how this incident unfolded.

Hialeah Gardens Police are now investigating and said the woman may face charges.

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