Woman Takes Plea Deal in Jet Ski Shooting Case

Woman charged with grand theft in WaveRunner shooting death avoids jail time

The woman who was facing charges in the Miami Shores jet ski theft that ended with her boyfriend shot to death will avoid jail time after agreeing to a plea deal with prosecutors Thursday, the Miami-Dade State Attorney's Office said.

Carolina Lopez, 20, will serve one year of probation, complete 50 hours of community service and will have no felony conviction on her record under the terms of the plea deal, State Attorney's Office spokesman Ed Griffith said.

Lopez was originally charged with second-degree murder after her boyfriend, Reynaldo Munoz, was shot and killed by a homeowner while trying to steal a WaveRunner from a waterfront home in May.

The murder charge was later dropped to third-degree grand theft.

The case remains under investigation by the State Attorney's Office, and Lopez will have to cooperate with prosecutors investigating Munoz's death, Griffith said.

Miami Shores Police said Munoz was shot by the 14-year-old son of Jeffrey and Yasmine Davis. In a 911 call of the incident, Yasmine Davis told the operator she was the shooter, but was overheard telling someone to shoot the intruder.

Davis also told the 911 operator Munoz, who according to his parents was deaf and mute, told her that he had a gun and that's why she shot. The only gun found at the scene was the one that killed Munoz.

No criminal charges have been filed against the Davis' son, but the Munoz family filed a civil lawsuit against the Davis parents in November over the shooting.

The Davis' attorney, Jeffrey Weiner, said the lawsuit is without merit and he expects it to be dismissed.

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