Woman Throws Roll of Toilet Paper at Camera After Broward Judge's Bond Decision

Gerhonda Snell, 24, appeared remotely before Broward Circuit Judge John Hurley

A woman who was recently convicted of stealing a banana showed her displeasure with a Broward judge’s bond decision by grabbing a roll of toilet paper and throwing it at the camera.

Gerhonda Snell, 24, appeared remotely before Broward Circuit Judge John Hurley on Tuesday. She is being held on $5,000 bond on a second-degree petit theft charge, according to online jail records, and told Hurley that she hasn’t bonded out because she doesn’t have any money.

She and Hurley argued about her criminal history, which the judge said includes six convictions for stealing.

When Hurley concluded that her bond would remain where it is, Snell reacted by pushing something off the stand in front of her. She briefly walked away, then returned, grabbed a roll of toilet paper from beneath the stand, and threw it at the camera.

“I didn’t do it!” she yelled as she as being led out of the room.

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Hurley was looking down and writing from the bench when she made her throw.

“I didn’t see that part. How come I’m always looking down at the good parts?” he asked.

Earlier, discussing her money problems, Snell said that she hadn’t gotten paid yet at the seafood restaurant where she works.

A prosecutor listed her previous court cases, including for a felony petty theft on Jan. 8 in Miami Shores.

“Sir, that Miami Shores one, I didn’t do that,” Snell said. “He thought I stole a banana, and I had to do three months. I just got out for a banana in Dade County.”

She then confirmed that she was convicted of the crime – but also maintained that she hadn’t stolen the banana. She claimed that that she had to serve three months because she had an open warrant.

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Hurley, after pressing her to explain why the case was closed, told her, “OK, Ma’am, you’re not going to try to fool me with the doubletalk. It’s not working.”

After saying that he didn’t care about a banana, the judge told Snell, “You are 24 years old. You’ve been convicted of stealing 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 times plus the sixth time was a felony. Now you’re here again, allegedly stealing again now in Broward.”

“But I just did three months in Dade County for stealing,” Snell responded. “I just did the three months, and they closed everything out.”

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Hurley said that didn’t mean she can keep stealing.

“Yeah, but I didn’t mean to,” Snell said.

“Oh, you didn’t mean to steal – and I guess those other six times you didn’t mean to steal either, right?” Hurley said.

They argued a bit more before Hurley told her, “Your bond’s going to remain where it is. Thank you.”

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