Woman Turns Dead Pets Into Pillows

And she is making a killing off people wanting to stay close to their pets

When Patty Moore says she has found comfort in her pet dog’s death, she means it quite literally.

She made the 10-pound terrier into a pillow. Well, the dog’s ashes at least. Moore hasn’t stopped there and now runs a company that furnishes tons of worldwide orders for dead pet pillows.

The company is called Soft-hearted Pillows, and Moore has been making a killing. She takes the ashes of dead dogs, cats, birds and even rabbits and sews them into embroidered pillows with the animal’s name on it. It’s a treasured keepsake, albeit a creepy one, Moore admits.

“I can still have her with me at night. I can throw her on a couch if I need to,” she said. “It is a completely different idea and some people are a bit creeped out by it.”

Most pet lovers can’t seem to let go of their dead four-legged friends so the idea isn’t so far fetched. Many pet owners cremate their pets and others go so far as to have the animals stuffed so they can still touch their furry friend.

So, in a sense, pet pillows are the next step in evolution. After all, what is more comforting than laying on your pet in bed? Just imagine having Fluffy the cat stuffed in a fluffy pillow.

Now that’s comfort.

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