Woman Walked Off With 2 Young Boys' iPads From Shorty's BBQ, Manager Says

Surveillance video captured the theft, which involved multiple women

Two women were caught on surveillance video leaving Shorty’s BBQ in Davie, and one is seen walking away with two iPads belonging to two young boys with special learning needs who left them on a bench outside the restaurant, said manager Brad Steriti.

Once the Worrell family’s table became available Monday afternoon, Steriti said, the family of four walked inside the restaurant at 5989 S. University Drive – just long enough for one of the women to swoop in and steal the gadgets.

“They were sitting on the bench right here and we called them. The iPads were left right here, and the three women came from the other end and grabbed them,” he said.

Minutes later, one of the boys is seen on surveillance with his dad asking other patrons if they had seen the devices. A third woman in dark clothing, believed to be working with other two, knows what they’re looking for, but keeps silent, said Steriti.

“The father and the little boy came out looking for the iPads, and asking everybody. And she didn’t say anything, and she got on her cell phone and told her friends, ‘don’t come back, they’re looking for the iPads.’ She disappeared and walked down that way and they didn’t come back.”

The woman who stole the iPads handed them to another woman, Steriti said. The second woman is seen holding them on surveillance video as they leave the establishment.

Steriti said one of the women used the name “Nellie” to hold a table, but that neither of them were actually ever seated. Davie Police are investigating, and urge you to call Broward Crime Stoppers at 954-493-8477.

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