Woman Livestreams Home Robbery on Web Cam

A woman helplessly watches on Webcam as her house is robbed while she is at work

Web cams can catch the darnedest things.

Strip teases. Sex acts. A baby giving stock market advice ("Hey girl, can I hit you back?").

Now add robbery to the list.

A Palm Beach woman, who installed a Web cam to keep an eye on her home (she had been robbed before) while she was away at work, tuned in just in time Wednesday to catch her house being burglarized.

Two men calmly walked through her home picking up CDs, a Nintendo Wii, a flat screen TV and a few other appliances all while the woman watched helplessly via her computer.

She could also see her useless "watch dog" come in and out of the camera frame not making a sound and seemingly oblivious to the strangers ransacking the house.

Police dispatchers couldn't believe their ears when they got the 9-1-1 call.

"I'm watching my house get robbed and I'm at work," the woman told the dispatcher.

The woman stayed on the line for several minutes giving the police a detailed description of what she was watching, all the while the burglars took their precious time picking over items in the house.

The burglars apparently got in the house through a doggy door in the kitchen, police said.

At one point, one of the men goes into the refrigerator and walks around the house with a bag of cheese and eats it.

Stealing can make a man hungry.

The other man appears to spot the camera and stands directly in front of it.

Maybe that song from the Geico commercials went off in his head.

"I always feel like somebody's watching meeeee."

Eventually, about 18 cops surround the house and the final scene of the Web cam shows officers with their guns drawn creeping in to arrest the unsuspecting thieves.

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