Woman Wins Davie Tea Shop's Royal Baby Contest

Lily Baltes predicted three major details about the prince, including his name

Lily Baltes nailed it! She correctly predicted the name, gender and weight of the newest member of the royal family.

She was at a party a while back, chatting away, and the paper was slipped in front of her.

“I just put down boy, because I think she was big 8 pounds, 6 ounces, George, and passed it along, I was more concerned with getting back to my chatting,” she said.

A few weeks later Baltes learned her predictions came true. The future king of England, George Alexander Louis, weighed exactly what Baltes forecasted.

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A hearty congratulations came from British expat David Williams, owner of the Let’s Have Tea room in Davie. Williams organized the unofficial contest, collecting from his customers dozens of predictions of the name, gender and weight.

In the end, Baltes was the only one whose prediction came true. And for that Williams awarded her a box of British chocolate and tea for two.

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She tried to tell her family back in Britain about her accomplishment, but she’s having trouble connecting with them.

“I haven't even spoken to them because they're celebrating my brother's 40th wedding anniversary this weekend, so they're just too busy for Lilly,” she said.

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