Woman With Stolen Car Found Defecating Along Highway: FHP

Woman arrested after she was found defecating outside a stolen car, authorities

A woman remained in St. Lucie County jail Friday after being arrested when a trooper found her defecating outside the passenger side of a stolen car along Interstate 95, an arrest report said.

A Florida Highway Patrol arrest report said 31-year-old Melissa Mansfield faces charges including indecent exposure and grand theft of a motor vehicle.

A jail official said her bond amount was $4,125 and no information was available on whether she had an attorney.

On April 7, the trooper saw a black car parked in the emergency lane. There was a moderate amount of traffic along the highway  and "she had no expectation of privacy due to the fact that she did open the rear passenger door to shield herself from the view of oncoming traffic," the report said.

The trooper asked her what she was doing, and she said "I am going to the bathroom."

She said she did not have her license, and when asked her name, birth date and social security number, she looked nervous and was slow to respond, the report said.

There was no record of the information she gave and after numerous attempts to try to find a valid driver's license, the deputy concluded that she was driving without one, the report said.

The vehicle's tag number came back as stolen out of Key West. She told authorities that she was driving from the Keys, and said "I'm not trying to go to jail tonight."

She said the car was her boyfriend's, but she couldn't give the boyfriend's name. The owner of the said he didn't know her, the report said.

Several open beer bottles were found the passenger seat and floor board.

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