Bare-Breasted Bike Stealer Busted

Lake Worth woman exposed chest after allegedly stealing bike

Normal 0 A Lake Worth woman must have believed that since it was almost her birthday, she was allowed to expose her birthday suit in public.

Danielle Moffet, who turned 34 Tuesday, was arrested Saturday after police say she stole a bicycle before exposing herself in a convenience store, according to the Palm Beach Post.

Greenacres Police say they responded to a call about a stolen bike at a Circle K when they were told the bizarre story of the alleged bare-breasted bike stealer.

The owner of the bike, Clinton Culpepper, 30, told police that Moffet stole his purple Terran women’s bike while he was shopping. Culpepper told police he chased the bike thief down for about 25 feet until she gave the bike back to him.

Culpepper wasn’t going to let Moffet off easy, and followed her to the Circle K on Lake Worth Road and called the authorities, according to the arrest report.

Moffet then went into the bathroom and hid. A responding deputy then questioned the 51-year-old Circle K clerk, Pappu Rahim, who said Moffet had been in the bathroom for about five minutes.

According to the report, the officer was waiting outside of the store for Moffet to come out of the bathroom, when 22-year-old Matt Shewalter came out and told the cop he couldn’t believe what he just saw.

Shewalter told police someone wanted to use the bathroom, so Rahim knocked on the door to try to get Moffet to come out. When the door opened, the clerk was given a full-frontal view of a topless Moffet.

She then allegedly pointed to herself, yelled at the clerk and asked, “this is what you wanted to see,” the report said.

Rahim wasn’t the only one to witness the raunchy display, a few other customers, including a 6-year-old boy, also saw Moffet’s bare chest.

Moffet denied stealing Culpepper’s bike, but officers found Lorazepam and Amoxicillin pills in a blue Ziploc bag inside her purse. Moffet didn’t have a prescription for either, the report said.

Moffet faces charges of possession of a schedule IV substance, disorderly conduct, unlawful possession of a prescription drug, and petit theft.

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