Mother, Daughter Arrested For Allegedly Performing Unlicensed Cosmetic Surgery in Doral, Police Say

The women were found to be providing illegal cosmetic surgery services after a sting operation orchestrated by police, according to an arrest report.

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A mother and daughter were arrested Thursday for allegedly performing unlicensed cosmetic surgery procedures in Doral.

Maricela Salt, 61, and Stephanie Ramos, 35, were arrested after a sting operation orchestrated by police, according to an arrest report. Police took the women into custody after coordinating a pseudo-appointment for butt injections with Salt and Ramos via text message.

Three undercover officers met with Salt and Ramos in a hotel room, where the alleged butt injections would take place. The room had been outfitted with audio and video recording equipment prior to the meeting, the report said.

Salt and Ramos started explaining they needed an unspecified liquid substance to carry on with the procedure. The women began telling the undercover officers what the substance does to the buttocks, handing one of them a support underwear and instructing her to put it on, the report said.

Salt and Ramos told the officer they would give her Xanax, but the undercover cop said she had already taken Xanax pills before arriving. Salt and Ramos then started setting up the room for the procedure, the report said.

From that point, police initiated a takedown signal and Salt and Ramos were taken into custody, according to the arrest report.  

A search of the hotel room unearthed Xanax pills and 800 milligrams of Ibuprofen, a prescription drug, police said.

Both women are not licensed doctors in the state of Florida. They were charged accordingly and remanded into the custody of Miami-Dade Corrections.

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