Women at Center of Reported ‘Suspicious Activity' at South Florida Temples Speak Out

Given the attacks in Paris and San Bernardino, many people are on high alert about what they think appears odd in their neighborhood. That led to two women's harmless curiosity about religion landing them in police questioning.

A mother and daughter walked into the North Miami Beach Police Department Thursday, ready to explain what many thought was suspicious behavior.

Multiple calls came into police about Nabila Ouakka and her mother last week, concerned over recent visits they made to local synagogues and churches.

"People are concerned when they see something they're not used to seeing in their neighborhoods and call the police and that's what happened," said Major Richard Rand with North Miami Beach Police.

On Feb. 12 and again on Feb. 14, Nabila visited temples and churches with her mother asking about religion, the Torah and the Bible.

This is what Nabila had to say when asked why she did that: "My intention was to say, 'Hello it's me. I'm here to say love and peace. We are brothers and sisters because we are one blood.'"

Nabila said she suffers from terminal cancer and was curious about other faiths. She said she considers herself to be Muslim, Jewish and Christian, and didn't mind police questioning her actions.

"I wanted to meet new friends, and get in touch with my brothers and sisters," she explained.

After several interviews, which included the Department of Homeland Security, police said no crime was committed.

"We got a report of a suspicious person and investigated. She's a human being and her mother, like the rest of us, and we have found they pose no threat to anybody," Major Rand said.

A local rabbi was at the meeting Thursday to meet with the women and agreed with police, saying this was a great example of people seeing something and saying something. The incidents led to an investigation and in this case, nothing was found wrong.

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