Woody Foundation Gives $20,500 Check to Jackson Rehabilitation Hospital

James "Woody" Beckham was paralyzed from the chest down while playing rugby

A hard tackle while playing rugby, the sport he loved, left James "Woody" Beckham paralyzed from the chest down.

On Monday, his Woody Foundation presented Jackson Rehabilitation Hospital with a check of $20,500. It’s Beckham’s way of showing his appreciation for the care he received at the hospital.

“There are just so many people that are positively helping me and just makes me want to have a positive impact and just make a bigger impact every day,” Beckham said.

His family created a nonprofit charity organization called the Woody Foundation in his honor.

The Florida International University student said he hopes the donation will allow other spinal cord injury patients to continue enjoying activities in the water through Jackson’s recreation therapy program.

“The amazing thing about it is that he’s done his in-patient rehabilitation, it’s not even for his own benefit – he’s just paying it forward for the next kid that comes along that’s in the same situation he is, and that’s what’s really amazing,” said Dr. Kevin Dalal, the medical director of the spinal cord unit at Jackson.

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All of the money goes to the recovery of spinal cord injury patients, and equipment such as a recreational hand cycle.

The money was raised in July. That’s when, thanks to Beckham’s friend David Mills, the Bimini Sands Resort & Marina in the Bahamas hosted its 2nd annual Lionfish Bash fishing tournament.

“And we just want to thank you because of everything you’re doing we can continue to just bless more people so thank you,” Kelly Messett, a therapeutic recreation specialist, told Beckham.

It has been nearly two years since his accident, and this is his second donation of more than $20,000.

“All the people here at Jackson work so hard and this just makes their life a little bit easier, and we’re glad to do it,” Beckham said.

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