City Worker Suspended for Mayoral “Snub”

Woman gets two days without pay for failure to greet Deerfield Beach honcho

If you see the mayor of Deerfield Beach out on the street, you better say hello.

City maintenance worker Cassandra Moye was suspended for two days without pay for failing to greet Mayor Peggy Noland while at work earlier this week, reported the South Florida Times.

Moye has the unenviable job of cleaning up trash and restrooms for $12.33 a hour, a job she was suspended from yesterday and today for failure to pay homage to the mayor while she spoke with Moye's boss.

“I didn’t speak to the mayor and so my supervisor suspended me for two days,” Moye said. “She is the Mayor, but I don’t know her personally and I didn’t think it was right for me to interrupt them, so I just kept about my work.”

Maybe Noland would have overlooked Moye's innocent silence, if the worker was on her campaign poster committee.

You might recall Noland's firefighter son and two of his friends were arrested in March for stealing the campaign signs of her competitors in the recent election. They plead no contest to the charges and Mama Noland said she had no clue what her baby boy was doing.

Moye's supervisor, George Edmunds issued Moye a memo (PDF), stating Moye was being suspended because "the disrespectful attitude you displayed to the Mayor was unacceptable."

Moye, 44, said she was also threatened with termination.

Get more: South Florida Times.

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