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Workers Rescued From Dangling Scaffold at Miami Beach High-Rise

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Two workers were rescued by fire crews after they became stuck on a scaffold after an apparent malfunction at a Miami Beach high-rise Friday morning.

Miami Beach Fire Rescue and Police responded after the workers became stuck between the 8th and 9th floors while doing construction work at the Terrace Towers building at 3 Island Avenue.

"We could see that the rig had basically, it looked like one side had given away on it. It was cockeyed and there were guys on it who were basically holding on and calling for help," witness Chris Nace said.

Footage showed the two workers rescued from the scaffold by firefighters on a ladder truck.

Officials said the equipment had gotten stuck on some construction fabric.

“From what I gathered the mesh that was protecting any debris that comes off from the side of the building is what got caught up in their mechanical system and it bugged them from being able to go up and down," Miami Beach Fire Rescue Division Chief Digna Abello said.

Two workers were rescued after they became stuck on a scaffold at a Miami Beach building.

Witnesses said there were some scary moments as it appeared the scaffold might tip over.

"One guy was on the top and yelling at the other guy because only one side was going down," witness Jim Clearwater said. "The whole thing was moving down but the one side was really at an angle and I said 'oh my God.'"

No other information was immediately known.

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