“Wow, We Really Blew That One”

Miami might host the Pro Bowl permanently, but never another Super Bowl

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell was in Miami on Monday to talk Super Bowl, but the question on everyone's mind was why?

Why did our Dolphins get pushed from primetime for America's No. 1 melodrama Brett Favre Show? Well you have to give it up to the commish for admitting when he is wrong.

"Wow, we really blew that one, didn't we?" Goodell said.

Yes, you did, sir. (Please don't fine us for agreeing with you.)

The Dolphins pulled out a thrilling come from behind victory against the New England Patriots in the waining seconds - a game that would have been seen on NBC's Sunday Night Football.

The Sunday night game was, as we predicted, an opportunity to catch up on some much needed rest after all that early Christmas shopping. The Arizona Cardinals dominated Favre and the Vikings 30-17.

Of course, we aren't too big to say we told you so, NFL, but Goodell looks like he is trying to make it up to the Miami sports fan by suggesting the Pro Bowl will be played in Miami on a regular basis. That's not such a bad consolation prize until you factor in that Miami might not see a Super Bowl again in the near future.

Goodell dropped a bit of bad news on us by saying that Land Shark Stadium pretty much stinks as a facility and that Stephen Ross needs to get some of his celebrity buddies to help him upgrade the stadium.

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