Youth Soccer Tournament at Disney Turns Violent

On Saturday Pachuca FC from Miami played against the Orlando EC/QPR Academy at the Disney Cup International youth soccer tournament.

A Miami team's good sportsmanship during a youth soccer tournament at the happiest place on Earth is coming into question.

On Saturday, Pachuca FC from Miami played against the Orlando EC/QPR Academy at the Disney Cup International Youth Soccer Tournament.

The Miami team was vying for the number one spot but lost 2 to 1 to the Orlando team.

Instead of handshakes, the players apparently exchanged kicks and punches.

"[He] comes to me and punch me and scratch me in the face, and I punch him and I said 'Don't touch me!'," said Jesus Albornoz, the Miami team's center back.

He has a swollen eye and a scratch on the side of his face.

Alboronoz says the punch came not from a rival teenaged soccer player, but from a parent of one on the other team.

The reason for the violence on the field is unclear but it has turned into a blame game.

The Miami team says when the blow of losing the most important tournament of the season hit them hard.One team member started crying on the ground. Then an Orlando goalie literally kicked that player when he was down.

"The goalie comes to my player and kicks him in the face," said Alboronoz.

The Osceola County Sheriff's Office is recommending that player be charged with felony battery. The State Attorney's office will make the final decision.

According to the Orlando Sentinel, parents of players on the Orlando team claim one of their teens suffered a concussion as a result of the brawl. They also accuse parents of the Miami players of storming the field and hurting their kids.

"A grandparent was punched in the chest, and his pacemaker went off," Matthew Fienberg, whose 16-year-old son was treated at Florida Celebration Health for a concussion told the paper.

Miami Coach Vladamir Duque says the team does not condone violence. He denies that the Pachuca team's parents got involved.

"It's a very serious matter that an adult on the other team would hurt a 16-year-old." Duque said in Spanish.

Alboronoz maintains that he only hit the adult when that man struck him first.

Coach Duque said he and team leaders will discuss a punishment for their players but will consider the fact that they don't believe the Pachuca team started the brawl.

An Orlando parent of one of the players, who was reached by telephone, said he didn't want to comment.

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