YouTube Beat Down Gets Girl Jail Time

Girl gets 15 days in jail for beating up a teen in an infamous clip

Sometimes it's worst to go last.

Brittini Hardcastle, the 18-year-old that was apart of the infamous female foursome that beat down a helpless classmate and posted the video on, was sentenced Friday to 15 days in jail for her role in the attack.

The other girls, who were sentenced earlier this year, only got probation and are required to do some community service, but the Polk County judge broke out the whooping stick for Hardcastle.

Along with jail, Hardcastle has to pay the victim $1,700 and serve three years probation. But the punishment bordered on cruel (at least in most teens' eyes) when Judge Keith Spoto imposed a sentence that might be worst than jail.

He took away Hardcastle's Myspace, Facebook and YouTube privileges.

Can you imagine going a week without Facebooking? Hardcastle got a lifetime ban.

If that doesn't teach you a lesson, what will?

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