And Zingo Was Its Name-O

New service drives you home in your own car if you are drunk

There was a drunk who had a designated driver and Zingo was his name-o.

That's Z-I-N-G-O!

The creative new designated driver service has been open in Fort Lauderdale for about a year and has South Floridians buzzing about the idea of staying out of a DUI charge or a pricey taxi.

After a night of partying, the idea is that you call Zingo and they rush a rep over to your location - by scooter. The polite designated driver then takes your keys and puts his/her scooter in your trunk and then drives you home in your own ride.

The scooter is placed in a water tight bag so it won't mess up anything in your trunk. Then, you get your keys back and they scoot off to the next call.

"Everyone loves it. They think it is the best idea you could ever imagine because no one wants to leave their car," said Molly Murphy, a Zingo spokesperson. "That's the number one reason people drink and drive."

So no more wasting time with your friends drawing straws to see who will be the designated driver for the night. Let Zingo do it for you. Zingo is available in about a dozen cities across the country and Miami-Dade is next on the expansion list.

Zingo's president, Paxton Head, who goes by "PX," said his own tragic experience is what inspired hi mto start the business.

In 2005, he was driving drunk with his Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity brothers from the University of Georgia when they crashed into a light pole. One of his best friends was killed. When his friend's parents forgave him and a judge gave him just 90 days in jail, PX vowed to make amends.

The message is simple: don't drink and drive.

It will cost you $15 for Zingo to pick you up and the first two miles are free, with a $2 charge for each additional mile after that. There is a $30 flat fee if you are out of the area, the website says.

Not much more different than a cab in price, but you get to jam to your own tunes on the way home, and when you wake up in the morning you don't have top go all the way back to the club to get your car.

So if you plan on partying hard this New Year's Eve, save this number in your phone, 954-523-8887, and let Zingo do the driving for you.

That's Z-I-N-G-O and Zingo was its name-o!

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